Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Curios Questions

Sometimes I forget how unique of a place we live in. We treated ourselves to ordering pizza... we ordered from a place over 250 miles away and a plane brought it. Then we had to pick it up from the air port. So we got on a snow-go and drove out to the landing strip in -20 degree weather.

When we walk to work we cover almost every inch of our skin and look out for polar bears and foxes on the way. I have an escape plan on if I do encounter one on the way and I know the closest house door to where I am.

 I traveled with the ski team over the weekend to another school in our district. We didn't take a bus, we took a plane. We slept on the floor of the school for three days. As we landed I had one student say, "I've never seen trees before!"

I brought a pine cone back from our trip and had it sitting on my desk to show my class during science. All day kids kept picking it up so curious about what it was and asking, "what's this?"

We have been collecting a list of interesting questions that we have been asked up here. I think these questions, some funny, some serious, give a good insight of how we are living. Here is our list of questions we were never asked before we moved to Shishmaref:

"Has anyone invited you duck hunting yet?"

"Do you want to go to the dump this weekend?"

"When are you going to start your tribe?"

"Do you want to see my cute little Eskimo carving?"

"You only have one sister?"

"Are your pipes still frozen?"

"How do you like not showering everyday?

"Can you cut my hair?"

By Students:

"May I take a drink?"

"Is that your real eye color?"

Student: "Lisa, what's your Eskimo name?"
Lisa: "I don't have one."
S: "How come?"
L: "I'm not Eskimo."
S: "Oh, are you Indian?"

"May I take a fresh air?"

"When is cheerleading practice?"

"Is there ski practice today?"

"How come you don't got any kids?"

"Why are you white?"

"What's traffic?"

"Can I call you mom?"

"How come?"

"I like your necklace, who made it?"

"Can we visit?"

Directed to Mike:

"Why are you so hairy?"

We will keep our ears open for more questions that make us smile and be thankful for where we are and we will share them with you when they come our way!

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